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Testimonial 1 

'My eldest daughter has been going to crystals elite for 5 years and  as she really enjoyed it, my youngest daughter started last year. The coaches have worked hard with them both, helping them to not only learn new skills, but also have built their self confidence, enabling them to be the best, that they can be.

The girls love going to competitions, as they get to showcase their hard work, the atmosphere is fantastic and they get to go to new places. For example, my eldest has been to Scotland and Disneyland Paris with the travel team and is due to go to Barcelona in 2020.


In conjunction with this, the girls have made amazing bonds with their friends and we are one big cheer family, who help and look and for one another and It's been amazing watching them progress over the years.' 

Anna, Mum of Grabiella aged 11 and Stacey aged 5 


Testimonial 2 

My two daughters love being part of the Crystals Elite family. There is so much support from the programme for the athletes and their families, ensuring everyone is  welcome and valued. 


My children have benefitted from the exercise, the friendships, the disciplines the sport requires, such as being a team player. They  have also been part of many community events giving them life skills and confidence to try new things. 


The overall feel of the programme is friendly, motivating and inspiring, with the coaches encouraging athletes to have belief in them selves and their abilities, whilst giving them the drive to progress and be the very best they can be.


Sarah, Mum of Amber aged 17 and Vanessa

aged 13 

Testimonial 3 

My daughter has been a part of Crystals Elite since she was 5 years old.  I love that she is part of the team and it has brought her some much over the last 5 years.  She has moved up through the teams and is excited to be starting the next season in 2 teams, one cheer and one stunt. The squad and coaches have taught her confidence in cheer skills, but so much more besides.


  She has a drive and commitment to work hard for her team.  As a base in stunting she is valued and important.  Every competition is a highlight and every chance to perform is grabbed with both hands. When things have been tough at either school or home, she has felt that she has a constant group of cheer sisters that are there for her. 


Her coaches, guide and support her, but also encourage her, to push herself and achieve more. Cheer is more than a sport, or a hobby.  I am so pleased that my daughter is a Crystals Elite Cheerleader and I cannot wait to see how she develops over the next season.

Carol, Mum of Shanice aged  11

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