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Crystals Elite Community Events
& work within Schools

At Crystals Elite, we teach our athletes that it is important to build strong links with the community and that it is important to give back. 


Therefore, at Crystals Elite 

we participate in community Events,

whether they are in Croydon and the surrounding Boroughs,

or within wider London boroughs, or the South East. 

Within the 2022-2023 season, examples of Community events that we participated in were the 

Wallington Animal Rescue Charity Event and the 

Carshalton Beeches Parade and Yulefest. 


At Crystals Elite,

we also have a long tradition of working within schools, whether its schools which our athletes attend, schools within the local area, or within schools throughout the region. 

If you wish for Crystals Elite coaches to run a class within your school, or to participate within an age/setting appropriate event, then contact us.

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