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Our Progression Classes

At Crystals Elite we accept athletes aged 3 years +
If you/your child is interested in joining our programme,
in particular one of our 3 progression classes, 
we offer FREE taster sessions.  

So, please contact us TODAY and we will arrange an appropriate time for you to come and visit us. 
If you would like to see what other classes we offer, click here

Open Gym 

At Crystals Elite, we offer Open Gym classes
and this is open to both members and non members. 

Open Gyms are athlete led, 

so participants can really focus on tailoring the session 
towards gaining, new stunt, tumble, jumps or dance skills,
of their choice. 

During Open Gyms,
participants can use the equipment and facilities
within the Crystals Elite Kingdom, to aid their practice 
and Crystals Elite coaches are on hand, to offer feedback and spot participants,
to ensure that they are training safely. 



Stunt Group Sessions

Stunting is one of the key elements of cheerleading and involves athletes lifting, or being lifted by each other, to create various structures.  

At Crystals Elite we offer Stunt Classes,
which run for 1 hour or 90 minutes per week.

During these sessions, in groups of 4 or 5,
athletes, learn and practice new stunts,
within the context of a routine. 

Athletes then attend regional and national competitions
and compete their stunt routines. 

Overall, Stunt Classes serve as a great way
for athletes to improve their stunting ability,
strength, body awareness and flexibility.


Private Sessions

At Crystals Elite we offer private sessions,
in which athletes can partake in a 1:2:1 training session
with a coach. 

These 30 minute classes,
are extremely beneficial to an athlete's progression,
as their coach will fine tune the session,
to meet the athletes specific needs. 

Our Private sessions are particularly helpful in gaining new tumble skills,
whether it is a forwards roll,
or a standing full and we consider this type of progression class,
one of the best ways to gain new skills. 

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