Our Response to Covid-19

What will change about arrival for athletes?

Parents, or where applicable athletes to scan and check in, utilising the Crystals Elite QR code - Athletes to arrive dressed in their training attire as opposed to changing on sight - Athletes to undergo Temperature check with a non-contactless thermometer - Athletes to sanitise their hands upon entry - Athletes to have their cheerleading shoes sanitised

What will change about arrival for parents?

- Parents, or where applicable athletes to scan and check in, utilising the Crystals Elite QR code - Parents to leave their athletes at the door, with a member of Crystals Elite Staff - No parents to remain within the building during classes, but wait in the car park, or leave and return for collection

What will change regarding training?

- Athletes must wear masks when participating in stunting - Stunting will be limited to 15 minute blocks - All athletes will need to wash their hands following stunting - Athletes need to spread their drinks around the space to avoid close proximity on water breaks - No drink sharing between athletes - Coaches will clean the equipment in between classes

What changed following the annoucement by Sportcheer England on 22nd October, 2020

- SportCheer England our governing body has now had its Return To Play document approved by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - The government department has confirmed that we are officially able to make a return to stunting and coaches are now able to spot tumble skills. Please note that: - Athletes MUST bring in and wear a mask to training, if they do not have a mask they will not be able to participate in this portion of the session - There will be a maximum of 30 minutes stunting per session (split into 2 x 15 minutes blocks - Athletes must wash their hands following stunting - As athletes have not stunted in 6+ months or are New to the sport, stunting will be at the coaches discretion and may not commence straight away, or at the athletes current level, drills and various stunt based exercises may be implemented first.

What has changed following the government annoucement on 31st October, 2020? (Currently N/A)

As a result of the announcement that England will go into a National Lockdown for four weeks from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020, Crystals Elite will suspend all in person classes for four weeks in line with this lockdown. We will however run all classes virtually via the online platform Zoom.

What has changed following the suspension of the second National Lockdown on 2nd December, 2020

Crystals Elite has returned to physical training and is no longer operating over Zoom. Covid measures are still in place

What has changed following the commencement of the 3rd National Lockdown on 4th January, 2021

On the 4th January, 2021, it was announced that England would go into a third National Lockdown. This would mean that physical classes at Crystals Elite will be suspended. As a result of this we will return to virtual training, until this Lockdown phase is over.

What has changed following the government announcement on the 5th April, 2021

We now can confirm that we will be returning to training following the 12th April, 2021. Our first class back will be a welcome back camp takiing place on 14th April 2021.