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Crystals Elite have competition teams that cater to all ages and abilities.


Our prep and level 1 teams can be a great entry point to allstar cheerleading, whether its for younger athletes or for beginners, whilst still remaining competitive.


Whereas, our level 2+ teams are appropriate for our more advanced athletes. 

Crystals Elite also offers travel teams, which enables athletes to not only compete as part of an additional team, but also experience an international competition. 

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Below are the Crystals Elite teams: 

Crystals Elite Little Ladies 

Our Tiny Novice team, aged 3-6 

Crystals Elite Monarchy

Our Junior level 1 Travel team,

aged 11-16

Crystals Elite Princesses

Our Mini Prep 1 team, aged 7-8

Crystals Elite Majesty

Our Junior level 3 team, aged 11-16

Crystals Elite Tiny Queens 

Our Tiny Prep 1 team, aged 3-6  

Crystals Elite Dynasty 

Our Senior level 1 Travel team,

aged 14+

Crystals Elite Regals

Our Youth level 1 team, aged 9-11

Crystals Elite Royals

Our Senior level 1 team

aged 11+

Crystals Elite Sovereign 

Our Junior prep level 1 team

aged 11-16

Crystals Elite Duchesses

Our Junior level 1 team, aged 11+

Crystals Elite Supremacy 

Our Senior level 2, aged 14+

Crystals Elite Reign

Our Senior level 4, aged 11+

If you/your child is interested in joining our programme, please contact us and we will arrange an appropriate time for you to come and visit us.

On this date prospective athletes will undergo an informal assessment of their gymnastics, jumps and flexibility skills and this in conjunction with their age will help to determine the most appropriate team for them.  

Following this, new athletes can watch/participate in a class to gauge what it may be like as a member of a Crystals Elite Team.

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